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Sola Salons Studios

SR CVA, LLC is the exclusive operator of Sola Salon Studios in Central and Eastern Virginia. Founded in 2008, SR CVA is focused on delivering a great client experience to the beauty professionals who seek to remain in a tight community of professionals while managing the transition to independent salon ownership. David Aschheim is one of the earliest franchisees in the Sola concept and has grown his territory to be one of the largest in Sola’s system.

Financial Modeling and Strategic Coaching

When it’s time to reimagine your business partnership, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. That’s where David Aschheim, CEO and local franchise owner of Sola Salon Studios, found himself. He needed help on two fronts. First, he needed to confirm the business’ value. Second, he needed a strategic thinker to guide him through the conversation with his partner before it happened.

Jeff Wraley, Senior Consultant at The Fahrenheit Group, was exactly the right financial resource. After building a financial model, David then worked with Fahrenheit Senior Consultant, Lud Kimbrough. Together, they zeroed in on what David really wanted out of the new business arrangement and applied techniques to keep David’s emotions at bay.

“Lud Kimbrough opened the door for a broader conversation about how my needs were not so unusual — that it’s natural for groups and partnerships to have ebb and flow, and part of the thing I needed to do was figure out where I was at risk of reaching a breaking point versus arriving at an optimal solution. After that planning, we were able to determine what I really needed, and wanted, to do.”

From startup to high growth to plateau, business ownership can be a wild, wonderful ride.